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Study in America at Very Low Cost, Apply in These Ways : Study in United State  


Study in America at Very Low Cost, Apply in These Ways 


Study in America Cost : if You Are Thinking of Studying in America, Then You Can Get Complete Information About It Here-


Study In America After 12th :-


Every year lakhs of youth from the country dream of studying abroad, especially in America, but only a few of these students are those whose dream is fulfilled. The dream of most students remains a dream.


The main reason for this is weak economic condition. The problems of students who want to study abroad for education are going to end now. Today we will tell here how you can go abroad and complete your studies at very low cost.




Along with this, we will tell about some similar schemes which are being run by the government, with the help of which students can get a chance to study abroad.


give ap exam in 12th :-


If you want to teach in America with low fees, then give AP credit exam as soon as you come in 12th, this exam is organized every year by various colleges and universities here. If you pass this, your fees will be reduced significantly.


For example, if you get AP Credit 4 on this exam, you will be considered highly qualified and your fees will be reduced by about 75%. AP credit exam is of 3 hours 15 minutes.


In which candidates are judged between 1 to 5 AP credits and those who get 3 or more credits are considered good. Students have been seen to save up to $40,000 by securing AP credits, the equivalent of one year’s tuition fees. Once you pass the exam, you get this credit throughout your studies.


Scholarship to study in America


Scholarship helps students a lot while studying in America. Through scholarship, not only can children fulfill their dream of higher education abroad, but they can also get quality education from the best universities in America. Hundreds of students every year fulfill their dream because of scholarship.


For this, the student should have a bachelor’s degree, which is a four-year course according to the US and three years of work experience. This work experience should be of the same field in which the student wants to do post graduation.


Also, highlight in your application about your leadership, community service, communication skills, contribution to nation building and your motivation to read. At present, there are many such scholarships which are offered by the universities of America and India.


These include Fulbright-Nehru Scholarship, Tata Scholarship, The Oxford and Cambridge Society of India Scholarship and Scholarships offered by Harvard Universities.


part time jobs


There are also many institutes that send students to study abroad, provided the students get a chance to do part time job along with studies there, the earning from this part time jobs will be the cost of studies and living expenses. can be easily accomplished. According to foreign culture, it is seen that after the age of 18, most of the students are doing some small jobs along with studies.


Take support of education loan


Education loan is a medium for the youth who are dreaming of studying abroad, students can complete their studies by taking education loan. Explain that the interest charged on education loan is less than other loans. In such a situation, after completing studies by taking education loan, the loan can be repaid by getting a job.

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